A God-Ordained Meeting in Ohio

Little did we know the trip back to Ohio would be so fruitful.  The trip back allowed me to spend some more time with John Carter.  John is a faithful follower of Jesus that my mom introduced me to at Posy D’s.  John was interested in being trained in 4 fields. At the end of another training he told me a story about a young man age 23 that a few days earlier was getting pulled over by the police for riding his motorcycle without a tag.  John ended up putting the young man’s bike on his trailer and taking it home for him. This kept the young man from going to jail.  I asked John, where does the young man live?  John said, close by…  I said, let’s go share the Gospel with him.  So we jumped up, traveled across town and knocked on his door.  John shared “his Story”  and “Jesus’s Story” with him.  He did not come to the faith but committed to following up with John to learn more about Jesus.


After spending time with John he invited me to do a 411 training at his church shown below.


John also meets with a group of guys for a Bible study on Tuesday nights.  They are a hungry group that also has interest in learning more about living life on a mission.  John is committed to learning and practicing 4 fields so that he can train the group. The members there represent 9 different churches. The ramifications for the Gospel to the area are profound!  COME ON JESUS!!!

So God has continued to blow our minds by opening doors to train brothers and sisters in easy, reproducible Gospeling tools.

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