Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow From Our Island Of Oasis!

It is so hard to believe that we are in our last week of staying on Drummond Island! Time has flown by so quickly! We have been so very blessed by this whole experience of trusting in God and His best because this was definitely a demonstration of His extravagant generosity! Scott got a job out in Spokane, Washington for a couple of days that might turn into something big so please be praying for us.

So many amazing things have been placed at our feet! We have been immersed in blessing after blessing from our Father who is the Giver of every good gift! So many wonderful, kind, fun people on this island have touched our hearts, but while being on this island, the thing that has become the most precious prize for us is our love for Him has been restored to where it needed to be. JESUS, the Author and Finisher of our faith, the object of our affection and attention, has been rightfully placed to being our first Love instead of the ministry or even us being on the mission!  We have been given this gift of staying in this beautiful cabin without any strings attached and without any hindrances. We can just BE. And not only just be, but be here with our Beautiful Lover and Savior in a perfect setting!!! This truly was a time of refreshment; literally an island of oasis for us.


Here is a final taste of what we experienced on the first quarter of our journey here on Drummond Island.


We volunteered to be greeters at this beautiful house on a Home Show on the island! Because of this the Lord opened the opportunity for us to meet a lot of great people including the neighbors that invited us on their boat and for a motorcycle ride.


We went on a ride with our neighbors that we met, Pat and Kathy! It was absolutely beautiful!



They showed us some of the landmarks! This is Whitefish Bay.


They also included us on their sunset cruise and we got to meet Mike and Johna.




Some beautiful barns that we saw on our ride.



20160801_163146 - Copy

Kim made Ray who works at the golf course and Pam the librarian, some fried rice. The Fried Rice ministry is one of our entry strategies. 🙂

20160801_092625_resized - Copy

We met Kenny and Daniel who are about to embark on a 30 day “Prayer Walk” along the U.P. Daniel prayed a blessing over us and as he did he felt that God was using us to spread His Hope and he said like a dandelion we would have seeds spreading everywhere even if we couldn’t see it. He said that we would have a fruitful harvest. Praise Him!!!


Scott is teaching on the 4 Fields.


Ruth is practicing the Gospeling tool of 3 Circles and she did awesome!!


Here Scott is sharing with Karin how to Oikos map.


Now Karin is mapping out her Oikos. This is her cute puppy Aggie!



As we continue on this journey would you continue to pray for our close intimacy with the Lord? That it would not be set to the side for other “good” things but that we would be like Mary who chose the “better thing” which was to simply sit at Jesus’ feet. Pray for the seeds that have been planted here on Drummond that they would be nurtured and tended to and grow. Pray for a FRUITFUL harvest and that more laborers would be sent here and then be put on mission to go throughout and from this island.


God blessed us with wild raspberries and apples fresh off of a tree! This is the kind of harvest we dream of that produces good fruit!

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Love Scott and Kim

Preaching the Gospel till there is No Place Left! Rom. 15:22-23


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