Costa Rica Mission Trip.

The Costa Rica Trip was amazing                                                  20161002_111002

Andy from Georgia came and helped me train.


We trained about 60 people, and some of them went to the streets and applied what they learned, in 2  hours 18 people gave thier life to Jesus, 6 dicided to get baptized and 2 churhes were planted

Ovi was the Thief of the town, after He gave his life to Jesus, he wanted to obey Him and get baptized,I trained him how to share the Gospel and right away he started sharing with his neighbors, in one day he got saved,  baptized, preached, lead a neighbor to the Lord and assisted baptizing his neighbor.

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Lots of awesome testimonies, too many to post!!!

These people below were devil worshipers, the man had gotten shot and we prayed for him, he felt the touch of God, we shared the gospel with them, the presence of God was very strong and they began to weep nonstop, they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!!!

13876582_1087794381290960_6847371907981208777_n (1)




It was a very hot day, we decided to buy an ice-cream, we shared the gospel with the ladies that worked there and they repented and received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!!!







The man below was illiterate, I asked him if I could draw him something (the 3 circles) he accepted and he realized he was in a broken state and that he wanted to be in God’s design, he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior!! This man then was telling everyone around him to come and see the 3 circles drawing.





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Monterrey Mexico Training




                          MONTERREY MEXICO WILL NEVER BE THE SAME !!


                                                 Our first day in Mexico we met with Pastor Payo,

                                                I trained him and then we went out into the harvest.

                                                        \20160729_104354 (3)

                                    Sharing the 3 Circles in the dirt!!!


                                                 This whole family came to Christ, this was

                                                 just the beginning…..


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