Vero Beach Training!!!

Vero Beach was amazing!! We trained Pastors that will be traveling to Mexico on July 28th, 2016, we will be joining them and teaching leaders and Pastors from different churches.  We met a man named Tom, it was his first time training, initially he was very “shy” but after practicing and training he overcame the fear and was able to share what he learned boldly with out people.
VeroBeachTrainingVero Training2Vero TrainingIzaiah 3 Circles

My son Izaiah practicing the 3 circles 🙂

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Jensen Beach training!!

Jensen Beach was my first time giving a training, what a blessing it was! We trained approximately 80 people and I was able to train a Spanish speaking member one on one. The Pastors of the church began disciplining and training the church members using our teaching method and now they go evangelizing every Wednesday, this is new to the church they never went evangelizing before, Glory to God!!!



























































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Mission Panama.

This is a summary of my Panama trip.  I went to preach the Gospel  to the Ngobe Buble Tribe, several people in the tribe gave their lives to the Lord. Two churches were planted one being in the bilingual tribe, we also brought much needed medicine, food and clothing, there is allot of poverty among the indians and due to lack of medicine many children die due to untreated parasites and malnutrition.  these people still need allot of help, a bridge is needed to cross the river, when it rains allot  people are not able to cross to get food and necessities. Please consider helping these people, we can’t do this alone if you can come along, or give financially to help us continue to go and make a difference in the lives of the children and their parents the Lord will bless you. To GIVE click on the following link and then select Agustin Martin from the drop down list box :

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Martins On a Mission (1st Post)


I am happy to announce that this will be the place to come to keep up to date with the missionary activities of the Martin family. Agustin and Family will be posting information, pictures & video here on an ongoing  bases.

If you would like to support the Martin’s missionary efforts please click the “Give” button at the top right of this screen.  Select “Agustin Martin” from the drop down when you fill out the form.

God is doing amazing things! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Scott Casteel
Founding Pastor

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