To Ohio, Florida, and Beyond!

So on August 19,2016 we arrived in Ohio from Drummond Island for Scott to turn around and fly out to Washington for a potential job. On the plane he met this guy Mike who is a small groups leader at his church and shared the 4 Fields Training on a barf bag! He also trained and prayed with several people in Washington as well.



Then he came back to Ohio for a 411 Training at the Plymouth Church of God. The people were awesome and hungry to know how to share the Gospel and their testimony effectively. Pastor Ben and his wife Cheryl were so sweet and they have such a passion for the Lord and for people. Please pray for this congregation as they are obedient to the call of Jesus to make disciples.



Scott taught on the 2nd lesson “Baptism” and demonstrated with John Carter how anyone can baptize a new believer.



After the trainings we went out into the Harvest and spoke to several people resulting in a potential Bible study with a veteran named Dennis.  And then afterwards we stopped at a restaurant and by divine appointment a young man that Pastor Ben was saying he wanted to reach out to “happened” to be there and Pastor Ben got to pray with him. How precious is that?



Scott also met with John Carter and had an update on what God has been doing.




Scott also got invited to speak at Mansfield, Ohio Reformatory to a group of men there. He spoke on growing up with anger and Scott’s “his story” as well as the Gospel. Interestingly enough several inmates came up to him and thanked him for coming and sharing.


We also planned on going down to Florida so that Scott could officiate a wedding of a couple that we had discipled for over a year. Right before we came down a dear friend of the family asked Scott to officiate her mom’s Celebration of Life which we were so thankful we could do. Seeing our girls and the grandkids have been awesome as well as touching base with our friends.




Agustin Martin, our fellow missionary is working with Scott on planning the monthly support team. This is some of the behind the scenes work that needs to be done when we are not in the Harvest or training people.

So many things have happened that have been so amazing and that we’ve been able to be a part of. We just heard back from the group that we started in Drummond Island that they are continuing to meet and that they are caring for each other as well as encouraging each other to share the Gospel!! This is so exciting for us! To see the work continuing in our absence! We are realizing that God is opening so many doors for us and it’s getting harder for Scott to work a traditional job . For the first time in our ministry we are seeing that the Lord is providing through people on our team sponsoring us. This is definitely a HUGE step of faith. We have never done that because we have always had the “self sufficient” mindset. But watching the way the Lord has worked lately we are more and more amazed how provision is being given to us. It’s also looking like we are going to the Dominican in the winter so that should be an unbelievable experience! The Lord will really be stretching us in many different ways. Please pray that we will be prepared for such a great opportunity!



If you would like to be a MONTHLY supporter please let us know so that we can talk with you and explain all that the Lord is doing and how you can be a part of it.



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Love Scott and Kim

Preaching the Gospel till there is No Place Left! Rom. 15:22-23





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