1st Pit Stop! Ohio!



Exciting meeting with Pastor Ben and his wife Cheryl Gregg. They have such a heart for their community and we were so blessed by their desire to reach people for Jesus!

We are gonna do a Level 1 Training Sun, August 28, 2016

4 Fields Training Wed, August 31, 2016 and Going into the Harvest Sept 3,2016

Please be in prayer for the Lord to go before us and that hearts would be prepared ahead of time.


Helping out at Scott’s aunt’s diner Posey D’s! The food is super yummy and fattening! If you happen to be in Galion, Ohio stop by Posey’s and meet Scott’s Aunt Pat and his mom Judy!


Kim the short order cook and Scott the “sous chef” 🙂 We did this for 2 days and man was it hard! No wonder chefs are known for their stress and tempers! 🙂 We are still married so don’t you worry!


One of “regulars” at the diner is Douglas. We are looking forward to showing you his 1 min. testimony.


Gonna Gospel at the Reservoir. This is one example of trying to get into the community and meet people. Do you have any ideas on how to get into the Harvest??? 🙂


A couple that we engaged in the Harvest! We ended up praying for her because she had just had surgery. We asked her if she was a follower of Jesus and she said she had at one point but had been hurt in the church. She is what we would call “the uninvitable”, which consists of about 60% of the people who will never go to a church, but they are open to learning more about Jesus. We invited to meet with them both if they had an interest in learning more about Him. Who do you know in your life that fits that description of the “uninvitable? What are you doing to see that they learn more about the Lord?


Here Scott is meeting with a follower of Christ who was excited to learn more about how he can share the Gospel and then disciple them. John teaches a men’s discipleship group on Tues nights and he shared the 4 fields model with them. We are hoping when we get back that Scott will be able to train John to train others.


Scott sharing the 4 Fields Model with a young man who wants to reach his apartment complex for Jesus! Looking forward to maybe partnering with him when we get back to Shelby, Ohio!

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Love Scott and Kim

Preaching the Gospel till there is No Place Left! Rom. 15:22-23