1st Week in Drummond Island, Michigan

As you can see the cabin is amazing and we are truly blessed to have a friend that would share this with us so freely! We are trying to get our bearings around the island and have taken the ol’ motorcycle for a spin. This place has a very small town feel and has a four way stop that has the grocery store, hardware store, and the welcome center right there. The island has a little over 750 permanent residents and so after driving into “town” the first day we literally passed no one on the road!


This is the outside of the awesome cabin that we are staying at!


The backyard sits on a beautiful part of the lake. The pole to the right has a nest on it

belonging to an osprey family.




All the residents have personalized signs on the street directing where to find their house.


“N” for Norris- our wonderful friend!


This cute fellowship is Lighthouse Christian Church. We had the opportunity to meet with the

pastor there and we will be meeting with him again to see how we can impact this community

for Jesus!


The Lord is slowing us down from our fast paced life,

and here is one of the examples. We are not able to get internet or cell coverage very easily,

and so we have to walk up the driveway about 1/8 of a mile to “our office” to get signal. 🙂

Not a bad view eh? So if you have been trying to get a hold of us, and haven’t been able to, this is why. 🙂


We are trying to hike at least once a day and these cute polar bears are rocks that someone just painted faces on but they were naturally shaped this way.


The Lord is definitely slowing us down from what we were doing back in Florida. We are not quite sure how we feel about that! 🙂  Please pray for us to have wisdom on HOW to get into the Harvest, being that everyone is spread far from each other. We are trying to understand the “culture” here, and we are seeking the Lord to know how to share His love and the Good News with the people here. We want to meet them where they are at, just like Jesus did. Not having any agenda other than to love on them and to show them who Christ is. Are there areas in your life where the Lord is trying to slow you down? Are you being a Martha or a Mary? We want to encourage you to take some time to be quiet before the Lord, even if it means you literally go into a closet. Do whatever it takes. And although maybe the Lord hasn’t brought you to an island like He has for us, find a way to create your own oasis where you can enjoy your God.   We are finding that there is such value to being alone with the Him. You don’t realize how distracted you are until all the distractions are removed for you. Psalm 34:8 says it so beautifully, “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.”  Be purposeful. Spend time eating at the table He has prepared for you and you will be full and satisfied.


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We love you and are so thankful for your prayers and support. Let us know how we can be a blessing to you.

Love Scott and Kim

Preaching the Gospel till there is No Place Left! Rom. 15:22-23