Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach Daytona…. What can I say about the wonderful trip there lol!  We traveled 3 hours on a VERY hot day with no air conditioning but the devil couldn’t stop us from having fun and cracking up on the way 🙂  God did great things at Ormond beach,  we arrived on a Friday and Troy trained some leaders from the church which were going to help train the next day.  Matt was one of the new trainers, he had been saved for 7 months and had fear of training others, we encouraged him and practiced with him and then he was able to train others, he did an amazing job, Glory to God!  We both went to the beach to preach the Gospel and we were able to pray for 30 people, 1 person got saved and Matt being a new believer got on fire and trained a Pastor that we met on the beach how to share the Gospel using the 3 circles, he taught him by drawing them on the sand!!  lol.  When Matt was at work he shared the 3 circles by drawing them on a piece of drywall!  (we need to buy him a pad of paper! lol  🙂


Daytona FlayerOrmandBeachTraining13439136_10208929317883664_8841663886907679590_nDaytonadaYtona2Matt at work Sharing 3 circles, his life was change after the training