Skim’s Big Surprise in Seattle!!

Most of you know that Scott and I do almost everything together and so when we introduce ourselves we are known as Skim, Scott and Kim. It’s been kinda catchy and a lot of people refer to us that way now. 🙂


We were invited by our friends Jim Turner, (who co-authored the ‘discipleme’ workbooks with Scott) and his wife Tanya to come out, visit and to do a break out session for ‘discipleme’ at the NW MIN Conference held out in Seattle.  What an awesome time of fellowship as well as getting to meet some great people who are very interested in making disciples. Scott and Jim were able to share with people how to effectively disciple by using a brand new app that Jim and his family developed this past year! That was our BIG surprise! We are hoping that God will use this amazing tool for long term discipleship,.To provide the discipler a way to facilitate their time together, in an easy and efficient way.









Jim and Tanya also blessed us by showing us around Seattle and Portland and taking us to all the places to eat! It was a foodie lovers dream come true. They put us up in an awesome hotel accompanied with a welcome basket and a king size bed!!!! Do you even know what that was like for us to be able to stretch out in luxury??





The Lord seemed to be showering us with His favor and blessings over and over and showing us through His people how much He loves us! We are looking forward to see what the Lord will do! Please keep us in your prayers!



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