What We Believe

Calvary Fellowship is non-denominational and has been formed as a fellowship of believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and be conformed to His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We encourage unity among all believers and in the essential doctrines.

What we Believe (Doctrinal / Orthodoxy)

What We Do (Orthopraxy)

What happens at our worship settings – Order of Service

    1. Fellowship & Food
    2. Look Back
      1. Testimony Time – Bragging on God and sharing what He has done.
      2. Accountability – Did you obey commands of Christ from last weeks teaching?
      3. Announcements – Upcoming outreach or missionary updates, etc
    3. Look Up
      1. Singing, Prayer, Scripture Reading – Organic. Joint-participation is encouraged.
      2. Bible Study – We use a Bible study method designed to involve everyone. Our goal is to make our Bible study time interactive with a focus on personal application.
    4. Look Forward
      1. Apply God’s Word – We discuss how we will apply God’s Word in the coming week.
      2. Share God’s Word – We discuss who we will share what we have learned from the passage.
      3.  We pray for the Lord to give us boldness and courage to be obedient.


On the first Sunday of the month we gather at a local park as a church and serve food to our neighbors. We do this with the express purpose of sharing the Gospel to our city.

Growth Philosophy

We desire to return to the basics of what we see in the Bible for our church experience.  We believe the the primary function of the Church is to equip God’s people for every good work (Eph. 4:12).  Our heart is to continually disciple the found, equip each believer in their area of gifts and creating opportunities for each believer to participate in service to the Lord.

For example we are developing multiple worship teams so that each team leads worship once a month. That way when the Lord opens up opportunities to start churches that meet in homes throughout other neighborhoods, we will have several teams that will be ready to use their gifts to further the Kingdom.

Teaching works the same way.  We hope to have enough biblically qualified teachers at any given time to multiple out to a new neighborhood church when needed.